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TOPS Processing Frequently Asked Questions


Louisiana Office of Student Financial Assistance -- this is the agency that administers the TOPS Program

  1. I’m starting college this Fall but the financial aid office told me that they don’t have any TOPS information for me. Should I be concerned? TOPS processing for high school graduates begins in early June. If you do not receive your TOPS Award notification from LOSFA by July 15th, contact our office.

  2. Why isn’t my TOPS award amount listed in my financial aid package?  Your college/university is responsible for adding any anticipated TOPS credits according to their financial aid procedures. LOSFA only makes an official determination of TOPS eligibility during the TOPS processing cycle and will then identify those students on a Master Roster, which all postsecondary institutions have access to. LOSFA will never release an “anticipated” or “projected” TOPS award status.

  3. My college says that I don’t have TOPS because LOSFA does not have my transcript or ACT score. How do I send this information to LOSFA? Unfortunately, we cannot accept e-mailed or faxed copies of ACT scores or high school transcripts. You must contact ACT (www.act.org) and ask them to send an official ACT score report to LOSFA using ACT code 1595.  Final high school transcript information will be sent to LOSFA from the Student Transcript System (STS) via the Louisiana Department of Education in June.

  4. Someone told me that I have to register for a Student Hub account or else I won’t receive TOPS. Is this true? No. The Student Hub is merely a tool that students can use to track their TOPS eligibility. Students that apply for TOPS by completing a FAFSA or TOPS online application will be processed for TOPS eligibility, whether or not they have registered for a Student Hub account. 


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