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"Outstanding School System" for Student Growth
Posted 9/4/18

The Louisiana Department of Education recently released data demonstrating how students in grades 4-12 are progressing toward fully mastering key concepts and skills in English Language Arts (ELA) and math.  The DeSoto Parish School System was announced today as an “Outstanding School System” for demonstrating top growth on this progress measure.  DeSoto is now ranked in the top ten of systems with the highest percentages of top growth. 


 “Today’s release exemplifies the growth mindset established here in DeSoto Parish,” said Clay Corley, Superintendent. “I’m very proud of the instructional practices that our teachers have instituted in their classrooms that allow every student to reach their individual growth targets.”


Today’s release also named DeSoto Parish Schools as a leader in student performance growth among English Learners (EL).  DeSoto is now ranked 2nd in the state for growth as measured with this subgroup of students.  EL students in DeSoto are growing their performance in ELA and math faster than other EL students around the state of Louisiana. 


“We take seriously the need to continually analyze individual student data in every classroom across the district,” states Kathy Noel, Director of Student Learning.  “Strategic professional development is provided to our teachers and staff members to increase their knowledge of the content and to develop lessons that are providing constant feedback to our students about their progress toward their goals.”


These data reports come at time when policy shifts are being implemented for how school performance is determined.  By 2025, the average A-rated school in Louisiana is one in which students are proficient in literacy and math skills, demonstrated by a score of Mastery or Advanced on state assessments.  To ensure students are improving at a rate that will allow them to reach this goal, the state of Louisiana has developed a measurement that assigns each student an individual goal target to meet each year. This student progress measure will now attribute to 25 percent of an elementary or middle school’s performance score and 12.5 percent of a high school’s performance score.