Student/Parent/Teacher Conferences

Friday SPT Meeting Schedule

Step 1:  Introduction video 15 minutes prior to event (7:45 am). Click Here to open the video.

Step 2: Please click here and complete a short ¨check in¨ form to help us document participation in today's conferences. Thank you.

Step 3: Follow your child's schedule as outlined below and attend the general teacher meetings. Links to the meetings can be found on the teacher's website.

  • 1st Block - 8:00-8:15

  • 2nd Block - 8:15-8:30

  • 3rd Block - 8:30-8:45

  • 4th Block - 8:45-9:00

  • WIN - 9:00-9:15

Step 4:  Attend your individual appointment if scheduled at the appropriate time.