2021-2022 Dress Code

Points of Emphasis:

  • NO Croc shoes allowed



  • Solid Tiger Purple, Tiger Gold, black or white (Company logos/emblems other than LHS emblems, on shirts must be NO LARGER than 1 inch. Emblems must be only purple, gold, white or black).

  • Must have collar (if visible or if outerwear is taken off)

  • If a tie is worn at any time it will need to be school colors only black, white, tiger purple, tiger gold, or khaki.

  • Shirts must be tucked in at all times (optional for grades Pre-K-3).

Be advised that spirit shirts will be sold throughout the year at LHS, but you are not obligated to buy them. If, however, you do choose to purchase these shirts please be aware that students will only be able to wear these shirts on Fridays with uniform pants and/or other spirit shirt designated days.


  • Khaki, Black Khaki or Logansport Plaid (Black CANNOT be jeans or denim)

  • No wind suits, jeggings, jogging pants, black jeans, cuts or slits in pants/shorts

  • ALL Slacks and shorts must have a waistband with belt loops and must fit at the waist

  • Neither undergarments nor any part of the midsection should be visible. Sagging is not allowed and

    is strictly enforced. Elastic waistbands are allowed at the principal's discretion for students in Pre-K through 1st grade

  • Pants and shorts must have no holes, frays and must not have a baggy or an exaggerated crotch.

  • Skirts/shorts must be no more than 2 inches above the knees.(If leggings or knee socks are worn under skirts they must be SOLID school colors only-tiger purple, tiger gold, black or white)


  • Black, Brown, Tiger Purple, Tiger Gold, or White

  • Belts must be worn with slacks and shorts (optional for pre-K-3rd grade).

  • Belt buckles should be reasonable size


  • Socks are required at all times

  • Socks with shorts, skorts, or skirts must be tiger purple, tiger gold, black, or white


  • Closed toe and closed back shoes must be worn at all times

  • No specific style of shoe is required: however, no bedroom slippers or combat boots are permitted

  • Shoes that have wheels are not permitted

  • Shoes must be secured (laces tied, straps fastened) at all times

  • No crocs will be allowed


  • Only LHS approved hoodies and sweatshirts may be worn.  No college, brand name or other sweatshirts and hoodies may be worn.  Other than Logansport High School emblems, insignia and emblems must be NO LARGER that 1 in. Hoodies and sweatshirts may be purple, gold, black, white, grey or administrator approved designs for LHS clubs, teams, and activities.

  • If a hoodie or sweatshirt is worn, it cannot be removed unless the student has on a regular uniform shirt.

  • All outerwear must be of reasonable fit

  • Jackets and coats may only be worn OUTSIDE ONLY after 1st BLOCK.

  • No long (below the knee) dusters or trench coats

  • LHS approved outerwear in other colors will be accepted if earned through an LHS event

  • If outerwear has a zipper, a school colored collared shirt must be worn underneath.

  • Blankets are NOT outwear and they may not be used on campus.


  • Knit caps and hats may be worn outside only in extremely cold weather.

  • No head wraps may be worn.

  • All bows, barrettes, and headbands are to be white, tiger purple, tiger gold, khaki, or black


  • ID Badges must be worn at all times and are a part of the LHS dress code. 

Face Coverings

  • Masks or face coverings are encouraged but not required. Face coverings on campus should not promote any social, religious, business, or political movements and/or companies. Face coverings should not include profanity, obscenity, or the promotion of any illegal activity and/or violence. Likewise, any article of clothing with a picture or graphic may not be obscene or promote any illegal activity or violence.  Bandanas are not allowed.


Hair and Facial Hair

  • Hairstyles and facial hair shall be neat, clean, and not cause a distraction to the educational process or impair vision.

  • Unnatural colors are not permitted if they are deemed by the principal as a distraction.

  • Hair rollers and extreme hair styles are not permitted if they are deemed by the principal as a distraction.


  • Excessive and or inappropriate jewelry is not permitted (Nose rings/studs, body piercing with jewelry, tongue studs, eyebrow rings, etc. are not permitted)

  • No buttons may be worn unless they are school spirit.

Book Bags

  • Only clear or mesh backpacks are allowed.

  • Book bags with wheels are not permitted.

Emblems and Insignia

  • Discriminatory, obscene or drug/alcohol related emblems, insignia, jewelry, signs, speech or literature that is discriminatory, inflammatory or derogatory toward any sex, race, nationality, creed, political or philosophical group, is obscene or contains profanity, or makes reference to drugs, alcohol and/or tobacco are not permitted.


See-through clothes, inappropriate tight-fitting apparel, attire that exposes the midsection, or clothing or apparel that is considered unsafe, dangerous, or a health hazard is prohibited- even if it otherwise follows the student uniform dress code. Clothing must meet all uniform guidelines, regardless of the label of information.