Building Bond Election 2023 - Vote November 18

The North DeSoto community is a great place to live! The area has seen tremendous growth and there is more on the way. More than 130 new addresses have been approved and in addition to 12 subdivisions with up to 500 lots currently in the planning or development phase. The DeSoto Parish School Board has had to increase capacity in the North DeSoto schools before and by allowing voters to consider this proposal, are giving the community a chance to decide what happens in the future.

The November 2023 Bond plan includes a proposal to build a new North DeSoto High School, a facility that would provide ample space for learning and accommodate growth, modern amenities and cutting-edge resources to foster an exceptional educational experience. Additionally, it would include:

  • State-of-the-art science labs and technology-equipped classrooms to provide a future-focused educational experience.
  • New performing arts center for our talented students as well as a career and technical education wing to provide greater instruction in a variety of career areas and vocational skills.
  • Updated common spaces and larger cafeteria that will fit all of our students as our population continues to grow.
  • Upgrades and expansions to athletic facilities including football stadium, practice field, multipurpose facility, wrestling, and baseball/softball complex.

“We are so thrilled to offer the opportunities that we do for our students right now,” said Principal Tamela Phillips. “We are offering AP in all four of our content areas and are talking about what program we want to add for next year. Our dual enrollment numbers are growing by leaps and bounds, we are doing very well in athletics with all of our teams performing well and we want to be able to continue to provide those opportunities as well as build on those opportunities.”

The bond plan is about more than just the high school! While the Bond funds are largely focused on a new high school facility, the impact would be felt across all North DeSoto schools. High school students would have a future-focused learning environment, middle school students would have amazing lab and career spaces by moving into the current high school, elementary students would see smaller class sizes and get more one-on-one time with teachers, and the three- and four-year-old PreK programs would be able to accommodate more young learners instead of having a waitlist. 

Teaching and learning is the most important function of any school and the plan reflects that commitment. Spaces dedicated to teaching, learning, career development, and specialist areas are more than 75% of the plan with a smaller piece being spent on spaces for athletics and extracurricular activities. 

Pie Chart

Five-year enrollment projections show that continued growth is expected for the North DeSoto area. Additions were made in 2014 at the upper elementary and middle schools, which are now full. All of the schools in the North DeSoto area are at, or near maximum capacity with more growth on the horizon.

Growth over the years

If the bond is not approved by voters, North DeSoto High School and its feeder campuses will likely experience severe overcrowding. Because of spacing concerns, the district would be unable to expand academic offerings and create new modern programming. Due to rising costs and projected inflation, the $130 million project would cost $140 million if started in 2026.

Election day is Saturday, Nov. 18 and early voting begins on Saturday, Nov. 4. Get more information at