Parental Involvement 101

Here are some basic information for all parents to know regarding supporting their child's success in school:

 1.) Provide structure at home. Establish a daily routine for doing homework, completing chores, and having a family meal together.

2.) Provide your child with a quiet place to study. An example would be to have a small table or desk in a bedroom with sufficient lighting, away from family traffic, free of distractions, and have the necessary school supplies handy.

3.) Regularly monitor progress, which means checking with teachers not just at report card time.

4.) Have a positive attitude toward school. If a parent has a positive attitude toward the school, and towards learning in general, the child will tend to have the same positive outlook.

5.) Give education a high priority.

6.) Respond appropriately to how their children do in school. Provide positive feedback and encouragement at the right times. Students who get better grades tend to have parents who praise, encourage, and offer help.

 In conclusion, research confirms what we already know; parents who care enough to be involved in their children's lives and in their education, tend to have children achieve at a higher level.


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Parental Involvement Helps in Your Child's Education