Mansfield High School

Proficiency Exam 1-Public Notice

Students who are 100% virtual and do not have reliable internet access at this time will be provided with an opportunity to come to Mansfield High School to take Proficiency Exam 1.

This is optional; virtual students are allowed to take the Proficiency Exams from their homes.

Virtual Students who are taking English I and/or English II this fall may take the exam at MHS on Tuesday, September 8.

Virtual Students who are taking Geometry and/or US History this fall may take the exam at MHS on Wednesday, September 9.

Virtual Students who are taking any other courses this fall and would like to test at the school may report to MHS on Thursday, September 10.

Please note the following:

Students must be currently enrolled as 100% virtual.

Transportation to and from Mansfield High is the responsibility of the student and/or parent. Student drivers are welcome; park in the student parking area. Students may not ride the bus to or from school due to COVID-19 guidelines.

Students must be at Mansfield High School by 7:55 a.m. on the scheduled day to test. Unfortunately, we cannot allow late entry due to testing regulations.

Students must report to the front entrance (Hwy 84 entrance). Students must have their temperatures checked prior to entering the building.

Students must exit campus after testing is completed.

Students who are dropped off/picked up will exit the building at the commons area (back bus pick-up/drop-off area).

Students must wear a face covering and appropriate clothing for school while in the building. School uniforms are not required; however, appropriate clothing and shoes must be worn.

Students must report to the classroom designated for testing and will not be allowed to visit other classrooms while on campus.

Students must bring their fully charged, school-issued Chromebooks in order to test; there are no available computers at the school and some tests may only be accessible on school-issued Chromebooks.

Breakfast and lunch will be available for students who report to campus to test.

Students may bring bottled water with them to consume during testing.

Students who report to MHS to test must follow the same expectations/procedures as hybrid students while on campus. Social distancing must be practiced. Static classroom assignment will be enforced. Whole group restroom breaks will be scheduled. No cellphone use during testing as well.

Virtual students may choose to take all of their exams at home with school-issued Chromebooks. If internet connectivity is an issue at this time, this option to test at MHS is available.

If you have any questions, please call the school at 318-872-0793 on Thursday, September 3rd or Friday, September 4th since we will be out of school on Monday, September 7th for the Labor Day Holiday.