Science Rocks

MHS Junior Dalronique Ross participated in the “Day with the Doctors,” a program sponsored by the Bayou North Area Health Education Center (AHEC) in cooperation with the LSU Health Shreveport-School of Medicine. According to AHEC, this is a one-day, interactive program that provides Louisiana high school students with an opportunity to experience and observe a day’s activities on a medical school campus. Students interact with faculty and medical students, discuss health careers and medical school, as well as learn basic medical diagnostic skills. Hands-on training includes: learning how to listen to breath and heart sounds, taking a radial pulse and blood pressure and improving communication and listening skills in working with patients.

Part of a Day with the Doctors involves LSU Health Shreveport faculty members and staff being available to answer questions regarding educational prerequisites, medical school admissions, medical school costs, and personal preparation for the commitment of a health career. This unique health career enticement program, coordinated and sponsored by Bayou North AHEC and LSU Health Shreveport, is designed to educate future health professionals about the demand for healthcare professionals in rural and underserved areas of Louisiana.

 Student participation is by invitation and is limited to high school juniors and seniors residing in North Louisiana and have a 3.0 grade point average or better. Dalronique is very interested in pursuing a career in a healthcare field and is currently enrolled in the MHS AP Biology course taught by Scott Ziegler!

Good job, Dalronique!