When the going gets tough, the tough get going!

This is a follow-up to the JCALL message I sent to each of you a few days ago. As I stated in the message, these are critical times, but our Superintendent and other district personnel are working tirelessly to meet the needs of our students. Collaboration among the Department of Student Services, the Department of Student Learning, our Food Service Department, and the Leaders of Faith has occurred to make sure you know how much this school system values your learning and daily sustenance. These are tough times, but we are guided by those who are not immune to challenges. Pray for them as they make decisions that impact us all. Remember, this too shall pass!

Any child in the DeSoto Parish school system who needs a meal, can receive one daily. Please, take advantage of the meals that are being provided by our Food Service staff. If you are aware of a family who is unable to benefit from this service because of a lack of transportation, email Superintendent Corley (clay.corley@desotopsb.com). He wants as many students as possible to have daily meals. 

The Student Learning Department will no longer have printed work packets; rather, the materials can be found on the DeSoto Parish School website. Underneath the link to the COVID-19 Updates, click on the tab which reads “View All Updates and Resources.” There you will see the link entitled “Home Learning Guidance and Resources.” The link will lead you to specific materials by grade levels. The learning resources are not mandated. They are to support the learning which has already taken place this year. Any questions about the materials may be directed to questions@desotopsb.com. These resources will be updated every Monday by noon except during the week of Spring Break (April 3-12).

The Governor’s new directive to “stay-at-home” is designed to make us all safer. As we work together, hopefully, we will put an end to this deadly virus. The Grace House staff and I will continuously make mention of you in our prayers.

As always, I encourage you to visit the district’s website for pertinent information regarding the Coronavirus, as well as updates from the Department of Education and Superintendent Corley. Feel free to contact me at joyce.spears@desotopsb.com or 871-0493 for specific questions regarding other concerns you may have.

Warm Regards,

Joyce Spears, Program Coordinator