Counselors' Corner

Meet Your School Counselor, Fabia Charles

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My name is Fabia Charles, and I am the school counselor at Mansfield Elementary. I have worked with children for over 14 years in Caddo Parish Schools, however, this will be my first year as a school counselor, and I am elated to be part of the Mansfield Elementary team. I received my Dual Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and School Counseling in May of 2022 and currently hold the title of a Provisionally Licensed Professional Counselor (PLPC).

I am looking forward to encouraging, supporting, and empowering our students in making positive changes and working toward achieving their goals to become the best that they can possibly be. I believe that ALL children have the ability to learn, therefore, my task is to follow the American School Counselor Association guidelines to help ALL students become better learners by providing a comprehensive and developmental school counseling program that will meet their academic, social/emotional, and career needs. Also, I will be providing support by meeting with them individually and/or in group settings as needed to overcome issues they may be hindering their school performance such as Anger Management, Impulse Control, Conflict Resolution, and more.

Let’s work together to make this year great, if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me by phone at 318-872-1772 or via email at

Meet Wellness Counselor, Niegi Williams


Ms. Niegi Williams is a wellness counselor and a member of the MES Wellness Team. She works diligently with care and compassion to help meet the needs of our students and families. As a member of our wellness team, she targets students' social/emotional needs by providing skills for anger management, impulse control, conflict resolution, and other emotional needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is it appropriate to contact my child’s school counselor?

Contact your child’s school counselor with questions or concerns regarding issues that may be affecting your child’s academic progress. Such issues could include family changes, social difficulties, academic concerns, or mental health concerns.

How is a school counselor different from a therapist?

School counselors help students to be ready for learning by providing short-term assistance with particular issues that may be acting as roadblocks to the child’s education. Therapists treat mental health disorders on an on-going, regularly scheduled basis. If a child is upset or distressed in school, we will work with the child in order to help the child be ready to learn. For issues that go beyond the scope of school counseling, a list will be provided with local therapists to meet your needs.

Do school counselors make mental health diagnoses?

School counselors do not make mental health diagnoses. We do, however, use direct observation, input from parents, teachers and other staff, and information from the student to create a portrait of the student in the school environment. This information is used by the counselor in conjunction with the teachers to determine strategies to help the student to be more successful in the school setting.

Enrollment Procedures

The following documents are needed for enrollment:

  • Birth Certificate

  • Social Security Card

  • Immunization Records

  • Student History (grades, attendance, discipline, etc...)

  • Proof of Legal Custody (if needed)

  • Proof of Residency (3 items listed below)

    1. Driver license with current address (required)

    2. Property Tax records

    3. Closing Papers with bank verifying home purchase

    4. Apartment or Home Lease or Notarized Statement of the Verified Property

    5. Current Utility Bills


Dept. of Children & Family Services

1-855-4LA-KIDS (1-855-452-5437)

To report child abuse or neglect please call the number above or reach them at

Louisiana Child Abuse/Neglect:

Children’s line: 1-800-244-5373 or text (225) 424-1533


  1. Click on child welfare

  2. Then click on report abuse and follow the steps

Suicide Prevention/Intervention:

 Choices Coordinated Care Solutions (Wraparound Services for Families) Contact: (318) 562-2641 or (318) 221-1807