North DeSoto Post-Election Survey - we need your feedback!

In November 2023, voters in District 2 did not approve a bond proposal that would have resulted in the construction of a new high school as well as additions to NDLE and upgrades in other areas across the campus. Because of the rapid growth in our area, the quickly increasing student population, and anticipated enrollment growth, the DeSoto Parish School Board is working quickly to gather information from the community to revise the original plan and move forward with a more inclusive and focused approach.

Five-year enrollment projections show that continued growth is expected for the North DeSoto area. Additions were made in 2014 at the upper elementary and middle schools, which are now full. All of the schools in the North DeSoto area are at, or near maximum capacity, with more growth on the horizon. While other schools in the district have seen a push for lower class sizes at the elementary level, North DeSoto Lower and Upper Elementary Schools cannot have comparable class size decreases because of space constraints.

Residents of District 2 are encouraged to participate in a survey that aims to find a path forward to address the growth in the district and maintain the student-focused high level of education that our schools are known for. 

Your participation and opinions are absolutely crucial to the future of our schools!

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