Extra-Curricular and District-Wide Planning

Participation in extracurricular activities on campus must align with DPSB and LHSAA guidelines. Use of facilities must be done consistently with the governor’s executive orders. DPSB will plan for entry, exit, and transition procedures that reduce large group gatherings. Staggering start and end times, assigning students to enter or dismiss from different entrances/exits, and social distancing will be enforced.


When feasible and appropriate, it is preferable for students to gather outside, rather than inside, because of likely reduced risk of virus spread outdoors. DPSB will continue to offer extracurricular activities at our discretion and consistent with LDOE and LHSAA guidance.

DPSB will consider eliminating assemblies and other activities that bring large groupings of students and/or teachers and staff together. Consideration is based on local conditions and health advice.

1. Pep Rally/School-Wide Assemblies - Depending on the direction of LDOE and LHSAA requirements, and local, state, and federal regulations, Pep Rally and School Assembly schedules will be modified to limit large crowds and adhere to social distancing. When possible, every effort will be made to hold these activities outdoors. 

2. DPSB extracurricular activities, Band, Ag - Students and staff will be trained in COVID19 safety protocols. All participants, coaches, and directors will follow rules established by the DPSB, LDOE and LHSAA.

3. Elementary Physical Education and Athletics - Exercise hand hygiene before and after participating. Outdoor activities will be the preferred method as weather permits and facilities allow.