Louisiana Graduation Requirements


Louisiana offers two diploma options for it's students:

Tops University Diploma- This is geared for students who are preparing to enter a four-year college or university upon graduation.  

JumpStart Tops Tech Diploma- This is geared for students who are wanting to enter to a two-year community college, vocational or trade school, or the workforce upon graduation. 

How do you know which diploma option is the best fit? 

During the first two years of high schools, students should focus on building on the knowledge and skills they gained in previous grades. Every 9th and 10th grade student (beginning 2014-2015 and thereafter) will take core academic classes to work towards a diploma. Following the student’s 10th grade year, a student may choose to work toward a Jump Start TOPS Tech Pathway or pursue the TOPS University Pathway. Students may choose both pathways. Decisions are made with counseling and guidance, based on the student’s post-secondary plans, career goals, interests, capabilities, and ambitions.  


Constantly changing patterns of work and education make it essential that every student has access to career education and guidance that is future-focused and personalized.  Students need to learn strategies that will equip them to plan and manage their learning and career pathways at and beyond school. This learning will contribute to them gaining the qualities, competencies, and values that align with their personal goals.  

Career education and guidance assists students to make decisions at key transition points and supports their successful transition from school to further education or work. It also aims to develop the career management competencies that will equip students to manage their career pathways and opportunities throughout their lives.