The Plan

Voters in the parts of the DeSoto Parish School District will consider building bond proposals in a November, 2023 election. North DeSoto (District no. 2) voters will consider a $130 million building bond proposal focused modernizing facilities that would impact all North DeSoto schools.

Building a New North DeSoto High School

In response to growth and the increase in student population, DeSoto Parish Schools has devised a comprehensive plan to address the needs of its expanding community. As part of this initiative DeSoto Parish Schools proposes to build a new North DeSoto High School, a state-of-the-art facility that would provide ample space for learning and accommodate growth, modern amenities and cutting-edge resources to foster an exceptional educational experience. Additionally, it would include:

  • State-of-the-art science labs and technology-equipped classrooms to provide a future-focused educational experience.

  • New performing arts center for our talented students as well as a career and technical education wing to provide greater instruction in a variety of career areas and vocational skills.

  • Updated common spaces and larger cafeteria that will fit all of our students as our population continues to grow.

  • Upgrades and expansions to athletic facilities including football stadium, practice field, multipurpose facility, wrestling, and baseball/softball complex.

Repurposing Current Facilities

The bond plan is about more than just the high school! While the Bond funds are largely focused on a new high school facility, the impact would be felt across all North DeSoto schools. High school students would have a future-focused learning environment, middle school students would have amazing lab and career spaces by moving into the current high school, elementary students would see smaller class sizes and get more one-on-one time with teachers, and the three- and four-year-old PreK programs would be able to accommodate more young learners instead of having a waitlist. 

Once the new high school is built, the current high school would be repurposed to accommodate the middle school (grades 6-8). This strategic move ensures efficient utilization of existing facilities while meeting the community's growing demands. By reconfiguring the schools in this manner, DeSoto Parish Schools demonstrates its dedication to providing optimal learning environments for its students and adapting to the evolving educational landscape. The remaining grade levels will be distributed at current sites to assure the most efficient use of facilities.

The current Lower Elementary will be expanded and renovated to provide for more PK classrooms and multi-use spaces for additional support services.

Concept Renderings of New Facility

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How Would the Funds Be Spent?

Teaching and learning is the most important function of any school and the plan reflects that commitment. Spaces dedicated to teaching, learning, career development, and specialist areas are more than 75% of the plan with a smaller piece being spent on spaces for athletics and extracurricular activities.

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