The Situation

Preparing for Continued Growth

North DeSoto schools faces the challenge of accommodating the community’s rapidly growing population. To address this pressing need, the DeSoto Parish School Board has called a school bond election. This decision stems from a deep understanding that investing in education is paramount to support the increasing number of students and ensure they receive the quality education they deserve.

Five-year enrollment projections show that continued growth is expected for the North DeSoto area. Additions were made in 2014 at the upper elementary and middle schools, which are now full. All of the schools in the North DeSoto area are at, or near maximum capacity with more growth on the horizon.

By organizing this election, North DeSoto aims to secure the necessary funds to construct a new school, revitalize existing facilities, enhance educational resources, and improve infrastructure. This collective effort aims to provide ample opportunities for its North DeSoto students to thrive academically.

Accommodating Growth. Serving Students.

The North DeSoto community is a great place to live! The area has seen tremendous growth and there is more on the way. More than 130 new addresses have been approved and in addition to 12 subdivisions with up to 500 lots currently in the planning or development phase. The DeSoto Parish School Board has had to increase capacity in the North DeSoto schools before and by allowing voters to consider this proposal, are giving the community a chance to decide what happens in the future.  

Population Growth Graph

Students lined up in the hallway

Did you know? While other schools in the area have seen a push for lower class sizes at the elementary level, North DeSoto Lower and Upper Elementary Schools cannot have comparable class size decreases because of  space constraints.

Basketball Game Crowd

There is a lot of involvement from the community in our events! We frequently see standing room only crowds.

Get a Closer Look at the Situation

Watch videos from each of the four North DeSoto area schools to hear firsthand reports of how the rapid growth in the community is impacting our schools.