Dear DeSoto Parish Schools Family,

There are very few things that can create a level of anticipation among our students like the chance of snow and winter weather.  It is a time of great excitement and joy for children and adults alike. For me, it is a great reminder of just how fleeting a childhood can be. 

For those reasons and many more, all DeSoto Parish Schools and district offices will be closed tomorrow, Monday, January 11th.  Closed for students...closed for virtual learning...closed for staff...CLOSED. The past year has been a year of tremendous loss and the stress of trying to make up for that loss. For just a moment, we will take tomorrow to let go of the worry of what we’ve lost and make sure that we don’t lose this moment.  

So, please enjoy a day with family and friends making memories that will last a lifetime. We will return to school on Tuesday but for tomorrow, enjoy your Snow Day. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! 

For Students’ Sake,

Clay J. Corley