Dear DeSoto Parish Schools Family,

What a wonderful day to experience the joy and excitement of a real Snow Day here in DeSoto. Maybe because it doesn’t happen that often or perhaps because we have been through so much over the past several months. Today just seems a little more special.

Days like today remind us that many of life's greatest experiences happen outside of the classroom. They provide opportunities for our children to explore, ask questions, laugh, and just be kids. They cause us to pause in amazement at the beauty of nature and the landscape we have been blessed with. It is incredible how a few inches of snow can cause us to see things in a completely different way. The same hills and pine trees here in Northwest Louisiana that we often take for granted, look completely different under the blanket of a few inches of snow. It is amazing what you can see when you slow down long enough to take a look. I hope you will take every moment left today to soak it all in.

As for the business of getting back to school, we are currently monitoring the forecast for tonight and will provide further information as it develops later this evening. I look forward to seeing our students back at school and can’t wait to hear the wonderful tales of their Snow Day fun.

For Students’ Sake,

Clay J. Corley